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Songs: Ohia | Didn’t It Rain: Deluxe Edition
The Knife | Shaken Up Versions
She and Him | Classics
Mogwai | Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1
Elel | “40 Watt” (Single)



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The Sports Staff does podcasts for most major sports sports, and we also upload our two weekly shows, the Sports Page and Mountaineer Sports Insiders to our SoundCloud account. These shows air from 6-9 p.m. every Wednesday night.

What’s Spinning

As the leaves drop, more great music follows. This week Alex G is killin it with the new album DSU. Banks new Goddess still holds top spot with some great spins last week. Fresh tunes from ALT-J, The Growlers and Tennis are still going strong. Be sure to check out Perfume Genius this week for a new weird sound. All this and more on Morgantown’s only alternative, 91.7FM.

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Jared Peterson speaks with Pete Bernhard of The Devil Makes Three.

Sportspage Online

The Sports Staff’s blog, Sportspage Online, features articles written by members of the sports staff about all major sports and all WVU sports that we cover.

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123 Pleasant Steet
11/12 – Ghost House & F. Your Birthday

11/14 – Goodwolf

11/20 – Local Metal Night – Portrayer, Reanimator, The Danger of Falling

11/21 – Culture Thief, The Furr, False Pterodactyl, The Howdy

11/22 – High Fives and Hell Yeahs, Honah Lee

11/24 – The Dwarves, The Queers, Yellowdog Union


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